Bhaktivinod Thakur was a collaborator with the British

Bhaktivinod Thakur was a collaborator with the British

We are all familiar with the story of Bhaktivinod Thakur and how he arrested the yogi Bisakisena. ISKCON claims that Bhaktivinod arrested Bisakisena because he had been using his yogic powers to seduce other men’s wives and have sex with them. But is this true?

From’s official biography of Bhaktivinod, we learn the following:

“Bisakisena declared he’d drive off the British from ruling Orissa and would himself become king. He published such statements, which were circulated all around Orissa. The British thought him a revolutionary for speaking out against the British rule, so the district governor of Bengal drew up arrest orders.”

After Bhaktivinod arrested him, “The fearless Bhaktivinod tried Bisakisena in Puri. The trial lasted 18 days… Bhaktivinod pronounced the man guilty and sentenced him to 18 months for political conspiracy.”

Note the last part, “sentenced him to 18 months in jail for POLITICAL CONSPIRACY”. NOT for “having sex with other men’s wives”. Bhaktivinod persecuted an innocent person simply for having anti-government political views.

Bhaktivinod was a British collaborator, and a traitor to India. The British committed unspeakable atrocities in India, which you can read about here:

If the British were evil people and Bhaktivinod was a high ranking magistrate in their government, a collaborator with the British, is it incorrect then to say that Bhaktivinod was also an evil person?
Bhaktivinod was also rejected by his guru Bipin Bihari Goswami for falsifying evidence in order to claim that Mayapur was the real birthsite of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, which you can learn about in the following book called “The True History of Bhaktisiddhanta”:

Also noteworthy is that Bhaktivinod was eating meat, fish, eggs, and using opium.

The “parampara” of Bhaktivinod, Bhaktisiddhanta, and Bhaktivedanta is invalid and not bonafide because they have no connection to any real Gaudiya Vaisnava parampara. The two leading scholarly disciples of Bhaktisiddhanta named Ananta Vasudeva and Sundarananda realized this after Bhaktisiddhanta had passed away and because of their preaching, they convinced at least 50 percent of the Gaudiya Math to reject Bhaktisiddhanta and go take sheler of the bonafide Gaudiya Vaisnava paramparas. Sundarananda even wrote a book where he refuted all of Bhaktisiddhanta’s wrong ideas, and you can read it online here (it is in bengali and has not yet been translated into English yet):

If you are actually serious about attaining Radha and Krishna, you will have to accept a bonafide Gaudiya Vaisnava guru coming in an unbroken diksa line from the time of the Six Goswamis. Plenty of such gurus exist even to this day in both Vrindavan and Navadwip, so you can find them there.

PS. Prabhupada mentioned that the word “Hindu” never appeared in the Vedas and was a word created by the Muslim invaders, that they could not pronounce the “S” in the word “Sindhu” and so they called it “Hindu” instead.

The following link is a scholarly article written by Dr. Murlidhar H. Pahoja and he gives evidence that the word “Hindu” has been in use since at least 500BC. Remember, the Muslims invaded India in the 8th century AD, so that totally discredit’s Prabhupada’s claim about the original usage of the word Hindu.

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