More evidence that Bipin Bihari Goswami rejected Bhaktivinod as his disciple

The latest scholarly essay written by Nitai das about this subject:


Vipinavihari Gosvami and Bhaktivinoda

In 1879 the Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector of Yasohara-Nadail, Kedaranatha Datta, received initiation from him. With Kedaranatha’s help he founded a religious journal called the Sajjana tosani (“Pleasing to Good People”). In that journal he published many essays on Vaisnava scripture and his translation of the Visnusahasranama (“Thousand Names of Visnu”). In 1886 through Vipinavihari’s efforts the Gosvamins of Baghnapara bestowed the title of Bhaktivinoda on Kedaranatha.

Though Bhaktivinoda was very dear to Vipinavihari and they cooperated with each other on a number of projects and endeavors, their relationship ended on a sour note. Bhaktivinoda sometime before his passing in 1914 asked his guru Vipinavihari to endorse and broadcast Bhaktivinoda’s claim that the Muslim habitation of Navadvipa known as Miyapura was the original site of Mayapura where Sri Caitanya was born. Vipinavihari refused to do so. Instead, for his promotion of false ideas and practices Bhaktivinoda was rejected by Vipinavihari. Vipinavihari revealed this to the Vaisnava world in a letter published in 1919 in the Asvina (September-October) issue of the journal Gauranga-sevaka.

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